Become a CHIP Merchant

This post contains all the information you should know as a (prospective) CHIP merchant

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What is CHIP?

How can customers pay me with CHIP?

Can I accept online payments?

What are the fees for using the service?

What are the benefits of using CHIP as a payment method?

How do I become a CHIP merchant?

What is CHIP?

As we have already mentioned in our previous post, CHIP is an e-wallet which facilitates instant payments using your mobile phone.

In order to make payments with CHIP, whomever you want to send money to or request money from should also have an CHIP account.

CHIP Payments

As a merchant you can accept payments in two different ways:

  • QR-code scanning (customer has to be present)
  • Sending a payment request using the customer’s phone number (customer does not have to be present)

CHIP Online Payments

At the moment we are testing our API which integrates CHIP in to a merchant’s website and thereby enabling a merchant to accept online payments through their online store. There will also be a payment plug-in available for WordPress websites.

CHIP Benefits

Since CHIP is an e-wallet, your money will be on your digital wallet, making you less susceptible to robbery and theft.  

Instant online payments
CHIP makes it possible to accept instant online payments by using the CHIP user’s phone number. The client will not have to be at your store to complete the payment. By sending a request to the phone number,  they will immediately receive a notification to accept the payment and after they accept, the money will appear in your CHIP wallet right away.

CHIP offers a more transparent transaction history.

Contactless payments
When the client is at your store, they are able to scan and pay with their mobile phone, without any touching involved.

No need for swipe/pin machines
If not having a swipe/pin machine is a burden and is making you lose customers, CHIP will eliminate this need by offering an alternative for your customers to pay you.

Cashless payments
By using CHIP you can accept instant digital payments and forget the struggle of not having enough change to pay back customers or dealing with unsanitary handling of cash  

Fast, easy and convenient checkout
Transactions with CHIP can be completed in less than 2 seconds and all you need is a mobile phone!


The fees for using CHIP as a merchant are:

  • One-time setup fee: NAf 25.00
  • A payment from a Chip user: 0.5% per transaction
  • Withdrawing money from your Chip wallet: NAf 5.00

Become a CHIP Merchant

The process to sign-up as a merchant is pretty simple:

1.Download “CHIP the payment app” on your favorite app store

Join us and download the CHIP app!
Join us and download the CHIP app!

2. Press ‘Create an account’ and then tap on ‘Sign up as a merchant’
3. Fill the company information and upload a picture of I.D.
4. After that, you will receive an e-mail to finish the Merchant sign-up process.

Once, the process is complete, you will be good to go!

If you need more information, help setting-up a merchant account
or a demonstration of the app functionalities, please contact us!

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