CHIP Merchants

This post is all about CHIP merchants! Have a look at where you can pay with CHIP.

why use cHIP to pay merchants?

CHIP is an e-wallet or digital wallet with numerous benefits. An e-wallet allows you to make and receive electronic payments with a mobile phone. Prior to any transaction, money should be loaded on the e-wallet by linking a credit card or by making a deposit to our MCB bank account: 32392608. P.S. Don’t forget to add your phone number in the payment description.

When it comes to paying your favorite businesses, CHIP enables advantages such as:

– Online payments
– Contactless payments
– Cashless payments
– Instant payments
– Transparent payments
– Safe payments
– Quick & Easy payments
– Secure payments

Some people worry about the security of an e-wallet, but in truth the biggest security threat is the loss of your phone. Luckily, CHIP requires the use of a PIN to enter the app. So, even if your phone is lost, no one can enter the CHIP app without your PIN.

Paying Merchants With CHIP

There are two ways you can pay merchants with CHIP:

– Scanning the QR-code of the merchant you want to pay

– Entering the phone number of the merchant you would like to pay
Note: Make sure you add +5999 prior to entering the phone number

When using this option you do not have to present to complete a payment. The merchant will instantly receive a notification when you make a payment.
So, in this way you can just pick-up the order you already paid for when it’s ready.

Alternatively, the merchant can send you a payment request of the total amount of an order your placed. As soon as you accept the payment request, the merchant will be notified and will receive your payment instantly.

Visit our How-to page for detailed video instructions.

Pay with CHIP at these merchants:

Coming soon: all our merchants featured in the CHIP App
Keep an eye out for this update!