Payments with CHIP

Find out how to make and receive payments with CHIP

What Can I Do With CHIP?

– Add funds to your CHIP wallet by linking an accepted credit card, through bank account transfer or at one of our top-up agents.

– Pay participating merchants, family or friends instantly

– Request money from customers, family and friends

– Cash out the money in your CHIP wallet back to your credit card or bank account

How do i pay with CHIP?

There are two ways you can pay with CHIP:

– Entering the phone number of the person/merchant you would like to pay
Note: Make sure you add +5999 prior to entering the phone number

– Scanning the QR-code of the person/merchant you want to pay

A request for payment is also done through the two above mentioned methods.

Why should you use CHIP?

– Fast and easy

– Contactless payments

– Instant payments

– More secure

– More convenient than cash & cards

– Saves you time

– Reduces fraud

– Increases transparency

– Can be used at retailers, online shopping and for sending money to friends & family

Payments With CHIP

Making payments using a phone number
Making payments using a QR-code

For more demonstration videos visit our How-To’s page.

Payment requests with cHIP

Requesting money using a phone number
Requesting money using a QR-code

Download CHIP today and start making payments with the app!

If you need more information or a demonstration of the app functionalities, please contact us!
Join us and download the CHIP app!
Join us and download the CHIP app!

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