Welcome to CHIP’s first news post

We would like to officially welcome you to our website by writing our first news post to inform you on important information displayed on our website and to keep you updated on our latest developments.

The CHIP app

As you probably heard, CHIP is the new digital payment system which makes it possible to instantly send, receive and request funds to family, friends and merchants!

Download the CHIP app today and invite your family and friends to experience this new and easy way of paying with your mobile phone.

Join us and download the CHIP app!

Join us and download the CHIP app!


We do not think it makes sense to charge you for payments between CHIP wallets. The only fees we charge are fees for adding money to your wallet or cashing out.

Add money via credit card: 4.5%+NAf 1.50
Add money via bank wire: NAf 1.00
Add money via a top-up agent: 1.5%
Cash out: NAf 2.50

You can find more information on our fees here.


CHIP has a growing list of merchants and we are working hard to keep expanding this list. Our home page features all our current merchants.

If your favorite merchant is not yet on our list, send us a message and inform us or tell them to become a CHIP merchant. We love hearing from our users!

Follow us on our socials to stay updated!

We are very proud of Our payment solution and
We hope that you love it as much as we do!

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